Private Tours

Go For Private Tours With Us

The private boat rental tours are for people who love to travel on their own and take things in their hands and choose their own travels. It is for the adventurous and explorers people who do not want to travel in the big groups and to be in the crowds. The private boat tours provide opportunity and independence to tour wherever you want and stay at their preferred destination. At Prozura Travel Agency, we provide professional help that is available to give you recommendations and advice on the chosen route, to help you to have a good time and see the best of Mljet islands.
The private boat rentals give you the exclusive experience and best location for activities such as exploring beautiful Mljet islands, swimming in the crystal clear sea and dolphin watching. All the tours include the professional crew and flexible itinerary modified as per your requirements. Privacy on our tours is perfect for the secluded getaway, and family vacation.