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    Get the Best Of Mljet Scooter Tour To Experience the Island on Your Own

    Mljet Island is the highly lush and forested island of Croatia located in the Adriatic Sea. Its western cape has the Mljet National Park, and where spectacular saltwater lakes and pine forests provide amazing natural scenery. On the nearby small island of Mary, and not very far from south shore, there is the Benedictine monastery & St. Mary’s church.

    The scooter rental is an expensive venture, which serves a similar purpose as getting your own scooter. Following are some benefits of getting your scooter rental from Prozura Travel Agency.


    While riding the scooter, you will get to see fabulous views of Mljet islands around which might not be visible while using the taxi and local transport. It makes renting the scooter the best option to enjoy yourself in your journey.

    It’s affordable

    Renting your scooter from Prozura Travel Agency is inexpensive and will help you to save on the fare used in a taxi. The single road trip might cost you much more than renting the scooter. Having the scooter with you whether rented or personal ensures you don’t spend a high amount of money for the trips. These savings will help make the trip very pleasant.

    Saves your time

    Time is of essence particularly if you’re on the trip to Mljet Island as you wish to visit plenty of places. Suppose you do not have much time then making use of the local transport will be a waste of time. So, finding a taxi will charge huge prices than hiring the scooter, and you also will get amazed at how much time and money you can save.

    Parking spaces

    It’s generally difficult and costly to get good the parking spaces. Suppose you have your transport, you may rely on nobody but just yourself. With the scooter rental, you will easily find the parking spaces. In addition, as the scooter is very small, you may squeeze it very easily in the small parking space.

    Safety measures

    If you are renting a scooter, normally you get right protective gear essential to drive a scooter. Suppose you put on the safety gear, your safety will be assured when using the scooter. This might not be likely with the taxis as you don’t have the gears like helmets while using the taxi.


    Mljet Island is simple to visit for one day tour from Dubrovnik. The nature lovers will definitely adore Mljet Park, and where you may stroll along its lakeside paths, hire the scooter to explore this island via many paths, rent a kayak to paddle on the lakes, or swim in lake’s pristine waters. The visitors can opt for the private yacht or speedboat cruise to explore this area.


    • Digital tachometer
    • Speedometer
    • Digital onboard computer (Engine data)
    • Electricity 12V
    • 12V car type socket
    • No. of batteries –2
    • Main power switch
    • Paper seacharts
    • Boat documents
    • Cockpit lights
    • Navigation lights
    • Anchor light
    • Automatic bilge pump


    • Complete safety equipment
    • Life jackets
    • Life jackets for childs
    • Distress signals
    • Distress torches
    • Emergency flashlight
    • Portable fire extinguisher
    • Autom. fire suspension system in engine room
    • Medicine chest


    • Bimini top
    • Sundeck cushions
    • Anchor roller
    • Spare anchor
    • Swim ladder
    • Cockpit table
    • Fenders
    • Complete mooring equipment
    • Snorkeling equioment


    01.01.- 25.05. 26.05.- 19.06. 20.06.- 30.06. 01.07.- 31.08. 01.09.- 15.09. 16.09. – 30.09. 01.10. – 31.12. Deposit
    845 € 945 € 1.050 € 1.330 € 1.050 € 945 € 745 € 1.500 €


    01.01.- 09.06. 10.06.- 21.06. 22.06.- 06.09. 07.09.- 20.09. 21.09.- 31.12. Deposit
    180 € 210 € 250 € 210 € 180 € 1.500 €


    • Renter must possess and present a valid boating permit together with an acceptable form of photo ID (i.e. national ID card, passport, or driver’s license).
    • Multi day rentals start from 10:00 on the first day until 18:00 on the last day of the rental period. Daily rentals start from 10:00 – 18:00.
    • Boats may be chartered bareboat or with a qualified skipper. Skipper service is not included in the price of the rental.
    • The rental fee does not include fuel expense. The vessel is provided with a full tank of fuel and must be returned accordingly. Or, if you prefer, our staff may be called upon to fill the tank for you when you arrive.
    • In addition to the rental fee, each charter requires a security deposit depending on the length of time and the vessel type / value. This deposit will be returned at the expiry of the lease contingent upon the vessel being returned as received, with its associated equipment intact – in the same condition that it was found – at the beginning of the rental period.
    • All vessels are fully insured. Passengers are insured up to the maximum number of permitted passengers allowed on the chartered vessel.