Kayaking & Paddeling

Kayaking and snorkeling

Dive into the beauty of landscape and discover mystic Islands of national park Mljet via kayaking and snorkeling. A perfect place to relax and find peace in the arms of nature and explore hidden caves. Immerse yourself into the pristine green surrounding and crystal clear blue waters of National park Mljet bay of Polace.

Experience the fun of Kayaking and snorkeling at Prozura Travel Agency

Our professional and trained English speaking guides will give you the experience of a lifetime and let you enjoy the lukewarm sea of National park Mljet. No previous experience is necessary, just being able to swim.

Exotic landscape, beautiful beaches and crystalline water. It’s time to experience nature close at hand – flora, fauna and spectacular scenery of national park Mljet. We are here to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Therefore, our agency provides a great package at reasonable rate which includes:

In order to make your tour a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, we offer you certain guidelines to follow to avoid any mishap and make your day memorable. 

Stand up paddle rental Mljet

Stand up Paddle Board Rental at Mljet represents a pleasurable and soothing way for recreation in the water.

It is one of the most popular outdoor activity, where you can paddle  at open  sea or the calm water in the harbor and enjoy unique views of sea creatures and the horizon. Also, Stand up Paddle Boarding delivers a full-body workout, esp. for the core muscles.

Immerse yourself into the stand up paddle  activity at national park mljet.

Prozura Travel Agency offers the best deals on Stand up paddle rental at island Mljet. Paddle along beach, look for sea life, or ride  with one of our amazing Stand-Up Paddle boards!

If you are new to paddle boarding, you will receive basic training from one of our skilled staff.

Paddle boarding is a water sport that frequently involves total immersion i.e. jumping or falling into the water. Hence, it is vital to dress for swimming, without shoes or cumbersome layers.