Familiy Package Mljet


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Motorboat rental / Kayaking and Snorkeling / 3 days car rental / Stand up paddling
Day 1 : Boat rental
Renting motorboat 5 hp
Visiting sandy beach and islands 
Exploring south part of island
Lagoon Swimming / Snorkeling
Starting point : Prozurska Luka
Duration : 4 hours
Day 2 : Kayaking and Snorkeling in National park 
Kayaking in National park Mljet
Double sit on top kayak
Saftey Equipment
Waterproof drum
Snorkeling masks
Swimming and snorkeling
Starting point : Polače or Pomena
Duration: 4 hours
Day 3 : Stand Up Paddling
Stand up paddling
Different sizes of paddle board
Swimming & Snorkeling
Starting point :Prozurska Luka / Pomena / Polace
Duration : 4 hours
In the price included : 3 days car rental, double sit on top kayaks, motorboat 5 hp, masks for snorkeling, different sizes of stand up paddle boards.
Family package price per person : 65 Eur. Minimal number of group is 4 persons.