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    • Production year: 2019
    • Bosch Active Line Plus (50Nm)
    • Cruise (250 Watt)
    • Price list :
    • Daily 50 Eur
    • 3 days - 130 Eur
    • 7 days - 280 Eur


    Ebike Tour Mljet – Made Simple To Travel

    When you are traveling by bike, your senses get delighted with the natural sound of the trees swaying in its breeze, wind in hair, wonderful scents, and many vistas. It does not matter whether you are on the regular touring bike, recumbent, trike, tandem or e-bike –you are in for the same amazing experience!

    With many e-Bikes available in Mljet Island, you will find some of the best e-Bike from Prozura Travel Agency–particularly countries with long cycling traditions. Also, in some markets, electric bikes have been an only area for cycling growth. Suppose you wander over the trade show; you will find many manufacturers that are looking to crack in the e-bike market. Everybody appears to get excited about this technology and the potential of the bike genre. Suppose you are walking over not at all convinced by this hype, then there is one day to test the electric bikes on the airfield.

    Get Rental Ebike at National Park Mljet

    Unfortunately, there appears to be the divide between one who uses electric help and one who pedals under their steam. Some view this as cheating, whereas others view this as a great opportunity. While it comes down on it, there’s not any correct way of traveling. You will have a similar travel experience with and without the motor on a bicycle. Let us have a closer look at the various styles of the e-Bike available at Mljet island, more about this technology and why the bikes will make your experience better in this island.

    What Are The Benefits of the Electric Bike?

    • They will get to your location with a good amount of energy to explore other activities
    • They provide the speed of running, however with an effort of walking
    • You may cover good distance daily with a similar effort
    • You may cycle in headwinds & up hills with very less penalty
    • They are good for the people with any injuries that will stop them from riding regular bikes (back pain, knee pain, and asthma)
    • They will balance out 2 cyclists with different fitness and abilities
    • They attract non-cyclists for giving bike travel your go
    • It is good to be out & about, energized and independent than to the travel without the bike at
    • You may complete the longer tours in the reduced time period

    Are E-Bikes Dependable?

    The good quality of the electric system from Prozura Travel Agency can operate fine for the bicycle touring. The majority of these vehicles are well-sealed as well as made to take the shock. The quality batteries & motors can withstand the temperature of -15 – +45 degrees Celsius, and mud, sandstorms, hail, snow, and bumpy roads.

    What Is the Range?

    The battery range generally depends on many factors: size of its battery, how tough you are pedalling, assistance level that you select, is your route very hilly, how much windy, weight and bikes weight, road surface and more. Basically, the range is anything from 10 km – 300 km. Thus, choose our rental service and gain huge benefits.