Visual Studio Enterprise vs. Professional: Essential Differences – Your Answer

Visual Studio Enterprise vs. Professional: Essential Differences – Your Answer

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We want to share our knowledge and embrace the nerd in you. Microsoft Visual Studio is arguably the most advanced integrated development environment (IDE). We are planning to upgrade Visual Studio to We have implemented the Tests using Fakes in VS in our application. Since Microsoft Fakes requires Visual Studio Enterprise, the generation of Fakes Assemblies requires that you build your project using Visual Studio Build.


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Developers spend a considerable amount of time in the debugger. The first feature here is IntelliTrace. Instead of the traditional, present-time debugging, IntelliTrace allows you to debug a past execution of your app. You can save IntelliTrace data from a lot of different sources, including a deployed app in the production! This feature offers a new type of experience when debugging by allowing you to visualize the current method—and also the previous methods called—as diagrams that integrate with the debugger and update in real time as you step through your code.

Finally, we get to. This feature allows you to analyze memory dump files to identify and fix performance problems, such as memory leaks or unnecessary allocations. This feature supports the NUnit, xUnit. Visual Studio Enterprise offers you this metric natively. A good unit test should be kept as separate and independent as possible, not only from other tests but also from infrastructure concerns. Visual Studio Enterprise tries to solve that problem with Microsoft Fakes.

Microsoft Fakes allows you to use stubs and shims to simulate external dependencies in your code. A classical use case for that would be to simulate a specific date to test for a time-sensitive bug.

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Visual Studio 6 workspace options file. Visual Studio 6 auto-generated workspace file contains which files were open etc. Visual Studio 6 auto-generated project file contains which files were open etc. Visual Studio 6 workspace and project file working project files containing files to include in project.

Visual Studio 6 technical files. Visual Studio LightSwitch build output. Paket dependency manager. CodeRush personal settings. Cake – Uncomment if you are using it. Tabs Studio. Telerik’s JustMock configuration file. BizTalk build output.

OpenCover UI analysis results. Azure Stream Analytics local run output. MFractors Xamarin productivity tool working folder. Local History for Visual Studio. BeatPulse healthcheck temp database. Ionide cross platform F VS Code tools working folder.

Fody – auto-generated XML schema. VS Code files for those working on multiple tools. Local History for Visual Studio Code. Windows Installer files from build outputs. Looking to compare Visual Studio subscriptions? Go to the Visual Studio pricing page. For more information on Visual Studio project support, read our documentation. For more information about Community, see the Visual Studio Community license terms. End-to-end solution to meet demanding quality and scale needs of teams of all sizes Learn more Free trial Feedback.

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The Overflow Blog. Should you mock it or fake it? Very often, the dependencies are still under development, or have not been created, and even when your code is interacting with external programs or system components, the tests may require a set response such as a specific time of day or error code which the application or resource cannot be counted on to supply. Mocks interact with the code being tested by means of interfaces. In many ways, that depends fzkes what kind of testing you intend to do. But if complex testing is less important than being able жмите quickly set up the нажмите чтобы узнать больше for testing micrrosoft basic dependency interactions, or many of your dependencies involve external applications and system resources which 2107 shims microsoft fakes visual studio 2017 enterprise free than stubs or mocks, Microsoft Fakes may be the best choice.