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The employee told the police that he had received a phone call from Mr Continanza’s friend, who was concerned as he had been unable to contact the man on numerous occasions.

According to statements made by a police spokesman published on local websites, forensic experts are trying to determine the circumstances of his death. How does she intend to guarantee the safety of the many European citizens in the Dominican Republic, many of whom are tourists? The EU Delegation in the Dominican Republic has been in contact with the consular section of the Italian Embassy in Santo Domingo who is compentent for bringing the necessary assistance to the family of Mr Continanza.

According to information received, the Embassy stays in contact with the family. The police informed the Italian authorities about the case on 28 May , the day the body of Mr Continanza was discovered. The investigation is conducted by the Dominican authorities in view of elucidating the circumstances of the death. No additional information has been made available as this stage.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular European tourist destinations in the Caribbean. The level of security is comparable with other countries of the region. Un duro colpo per quanti, nel pubblico come nel privato, si avvalgono oggi di migliaia di braccia e teste volenterose a basso costo, o come spesso accade completamente gratis.

Il recente studio. Nel pacchetto Occupazione «Verso una ripresa fonte di occupazione» 28 del 18 aprile la Commissione ha annunciato una proposta di raccomandazione del Consiglio sui tirocini entro la fine del This is a heavy blow for those in both the public and private sector who currently benefit from all those people volunteering as cheap or, as often happens, completely free labour.

In Italy, work experience has been transformed from a traineeship aimed at introducing young people into the world of work to an ordeal of shameless exploitation, where people work hard and earn little or nothing. According to the latest survey, over half of internships Is the Commission aware of this and if so, can it provide more information on the resolution on the Youth Opportunities Initiative?

The Commission is aware of cases where traineeships replace jobs instead of helping young people in their education to work transition. The Commission is currently consulting on the scope of the initiative until 11 July 32 and listed possible elements of such a framework traineeship contract, learning objectives, proper recognition, duration, possibly remuneration and social security.

The Commission proposal will be developed on the basis of the responses to this consultation. The Commission does not intend to create a European register of interns for the time being. Oggetto: Salvaguardia degli stock ittici europei. Per quanto riguarda l’Europa, in particolare, la perdita economica potrebbe arrivare a 10 miliardi di euro entro il La Commissione ritiene che le nuove tecnologie contribuiscano a migliorare il controllo della pesca e che i marcatori genetici possano fornire informazioni sulla provenienza e le specie anche dopo un trattamento.

Il Centro comune di ricerca della Commissione ha pubblicato una relazione in merito al potenziale contributo delle prove del DNA alla lotta contro la pesca illegale, compresa l’etichettatura non corretta According to some studies, around 25 per cent of fish caught worldwide are fished illegally.

For Europe in particular, the resulting economic loss could reach EUR 10 million by Since last year, existing European Union legislation requires any fish sold within the EU to be labelled with the species and origin region, and pilot studies are to be conducted in Member States by on new traceability methods.

One of the main problems is that there is no way to prove exactly where a given fish came from; in some circumstances for example, when already cooked ; it is impossible even to determine the species. Efforts to protect European fish stocks may now have an additional tool to rely on: a new way to identify fish populations developed by a group of researchers at a British university. With this method, a batch of fish can be identified by comparing certain markers against those held in a database.

The method has been effective on four common European species — the Atlantic cod, the Atlantic herring, the common sole and the hake — which are all threatened by overfishing and illegal, untraced and unregulated fishing. It is also a flexible system: markers have already been established to distinguish between fish populations on large geographical scales, but this does not prevent it from identifying species in much smaller areas, such as the cod grounds in the Baltic and the North Sea.

Whether any other fish-stock protection projects or studies have been carried out with EU funding in Member States? The Commission believes that new technologies contribute to improve fisheries control and that genetic markers can provide information on the provenance and species even after some form of processing. The Joint Research Centre of the Commission has published a report on how DNA testing could help fight illegal fishing including mislabelling It is important to underline that the new technologies, beyond the improvement of the control acivity by national authorities, can also become a very powerful tool to involve European consumers in our common effort to ensure sustainable fisheries.

The information provided by the new technologies can, for example, allow consumers to make better informed choices about the fish they buy, including the origin of the fish, the type of fishery or aquaculture and where they were produced.

New technologies can also enhance control by changing the focus from traditional-style and generally expensive port or on-board inspection into much more efficient audit-like data analysis to detect suspected illegalities. The common fisheries policy reform will continue to reinforce the use of new technologies for control.

Non pochi scienziati, tecnici ed esperti affermano che i terremoti, che stanno funestando il territorio dell’Emilia Romagna, sarebbero in buona parte imputabili al cosiddetto fenomeno del «fracking», ovvero le perforazioni a scopo esplorativo nel sottosuolo. In sostanza, viene ipotizzata una causa ben poco naturale per i movimenti sismici di questi giorni.

Il governo francese ha vietato la ricerca di pozzi con la tecnica del «fracking» proprio a causa dei movimenti sismici che ne derivano, e altrettanto ha fatto lo stato americano del Vermont.

Many scientists, engineers and experts believe that the earthquakes rocking the Emilia-Romagna region could to a large extent be attributable to fracking, a technique used to create fractures in the subsoil when conducting gas explorations. In essence, their hypothesis is that the recent seismic activity is not due to natural causes but to an unnatural one. This is the case in Rivara, a small village between San Felice sul Panaro and Finale Emilia, the areas most affected by the 20 May earthquake, and by the quake on 29 May which caused a further five deaths.

In Rivara, a company plans to build a large underground storage facility with capacity for 3 million m 3 of gas, in a km 2 area. In spite of the recent devastating earthquakes, the oil company believes that the area has a low risk of earthquakes and insists on carrying out the project.

The area concerned has never in fact been classified as being prone to earthquakes, which is further fuelling suspicions as to what is happening. In short, the whole situation appears to be attributable to fracking, which involves injecting large volumes of water and chemicals — usually containing secret industrial compounds and carbon dioxide — into the ground. This causes underground explosions and subsequent fractures, thereby making it possible to detect the presence of gas deposits.

The French Government has banned the use of fracking in oil prospecting precisely because of seismic disturbances. The US state of Vermont has imposed a similar ban. In view of the above, does the Commission believe that research into fracking should be stepped up and funded through the Seventh Framework Programme FP7 or the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. Induced seismicity is predominantly of very low magnitude and not destructive, although it can in rare cases be felt by the local population.

However, in the area of geothermal energy FP7 supports research to better understand the mechanisms of induced seismicity and its possible environmental impacts, and to investigate ways to mitigate its occurrence. The Commission has nevertheless initiated work to assess whether the level of human health and environmental protection provided by the existing EU legislation, including as regards hydraulic fracturing, is appropriate, and whether or not additional measures at EU level are needed.

Oggetto: Sicurezza delle autovetture elettriche. Uno schianto violentissimo tra una vettura di grossa cilindrata e un taxi elettrico avvenuto in Cina ha provocato tre vittime e innescato un vero e proprio processo sulla sicurezza delle vetture a batteria. Come illustrato nel contesto della strategia UE per i veicoli puliti ed efficienti sul piano energetico 37 , adottata il 28 aprile , sono previste diverse misure per adattare il quadro normativo ai veicoli elettrici.

La Commissione ha ad esempio adottato nell’aprile il regolamento UE n. Sono inoltre in corso lavori, sempre nell’ambito di UNECE, per sviluppare norme di sicurezza internazionale relative alle batterie dei veicoli elettrici. La Commissione lavora a stretto contatto con il Giappone e con altri partner internazionali per adottare queste norme entro la fine del A high-speed crash between a powerful sports car and an electric taxi in China has claimed three victims and sparked an enquiry into the safety of battery-powered cars.

The accident took place in Shenzhen. The taxi promptly burst into flames, as shown in mobile phone footage taken immediately after impact.

The entire Chinese media are discussing the questions that the case raises about the reliability of lithium-ion batteries. The car manufacturer has offered its assurances that the model has passed all crash tests, including specific fire tests. The risk is in fact that lithium-ion batteries can explode if they reach very high temperatures. It is precisely for this reason that the cars are protected by cages of high-strength materials capable of absorbing the force generated by heavy impacts.

What happened in China is by far the worst incident in the recent history of the electric car. Yet it is not the only one.

Several months ago, US transport authorities placed some cars under observation with a request to make structural changes to increase battery protection. Also in the US, the authorities are investigating the case of a plug-in hybrid vehicle that caught fire, setting alight three other cars in the garage. In view of the above, can the Commission state whether a procedure is planned for standardised tests in the Member States and, if so, does it not consider it essential to introduce more stringent crash tests to ensure greater safety for European consumers?

Ensuring the safety of vehicles, also for those with new powertrain technologies, is a constant concern for the Commission. As explained in the EU strategy on clean and energy-efficient vehicles 38 , adopted on 28 April , a number of measures are foreseen to adapt the regulatory framework for electric vehicles. Particularly on safety, several regulatory measures have already been taken in order to ensure that electric vehicles are at least as safe as conventional ones. Common requirements will therefore apply throughout the EU for receipt of electric vehicles from new vehicle types for new vehicles it will be from In addition, work is currently underway, still within the UNECE to develop international safety standards for the electric vehicle batteries.

The Commission works closely with Japan and other international partners in order to adopt such standards before the end of Furthermore, in November , it was decided to establish two informal working groups on electric vehicles regulations in a broader context of UNECE, covering safety and environmental aspects, respectively. The initiative was taken jointly by the EU, the United States and Japan, and many other countries, including China, participated in the first meetings of these groups.

The aim is to promote international regulatory harmonisation and in particular to adopt a Global Technical Regulation on safety requirements for electric vehicles and their components by Arrivano sulle coste californiane i tonni contaminati in seguito al disastro di Fukushima. Al fine di stabilire la portata del danno ecologico e stabilire quali siano le specie colpite, i ricercatori stanno esaminando anche altri animali acquatici autoctoni della zona.

I principali paesi importatori erano Italia, Spagna e Germania. I principali paesi importatori erano Italia e Germania. Tuna caught off the Californian coast has been discovered to be contaminated due to the Fukushima disaster.

The fish contain much higher traces of radioactivity than those caught in These are radioactive isotopes that are produced inside the reactor during the nuclear fission of uranium.

The phenomenon occurs because Pacific Ocean tuna spawn in Japanese waters before migrating to American shores, particularly the coasts of California and Mexico.

When the tsunami hit Japan in March , large quantities of radioactive material leaked from the Fukushima power plant, spilling into the sea and contaminating the species there.

In order to assess the extent of ecological damage and determine which species have been affected, researchers are examining other aquatic animals native to the area. Whether any Member States import food products, particularly tuna, from California? Whether the special conditions set by the EU for importing animal feed and food products from Japan, or originating from Japan, following the nuclear accident in Fukushima are still in force?

The main importing countries were Italy, Spain and Germany. In , only 66 tons of tuna was imported from the US into the EU. The main importing countries were Italy and Germany. According to an article 30 May by the Thomson Reuters news agency, this statement was made at the request of the caretaker Prime Minister of Greece at the time, Mr L Papademos.

Did Mr Papademos or any other member of the government or agent acting on his behalf ask the Commission to intervene in the way described by Thomson Reuters? Could the Commission confirm that it observes strict neutrality in the event of national elections in any Member State, as required by its institutional role? It is Commission policy not to comment on articles appearing in the press. The Commission respects the democratic process of national elections in any Member State.

In its proposal to reform the common agricultural policy CAP , the Commission recommends the abolition of milk and sugar quotas between now and , and of wine plantation rights in Does the Commission intend to take the report published by the Committee of the Regions into consideration in order to improve proposals regarding the reform of the CAP?

Has the Commission carried out an evaluation on the economic, social and environmental consequences of such abolitions in all the Member States, particularly in disadvantaged areas with a so-called.

The Commission welcomes the report adopted by the Committee of the Regions on 4 May on the CAP that it is currently examining. This report will constitute an important element in the finalisation of the discussion on the Commission proposals to reform the CAP.

An analysis of the impacts of the abolition of sugar quotas has been in particular included in this Impact Assessment. Regarding the milk sector, a second report is due in on the phasing out of milk quotas and a follow-up report is scheduled by June on the implementation of the milk package, with particular focus on LFAs.

Betreft: Hoge tarieven voor mobiele telefonie — Grote verschillen tussen lidstaten. Ondanks de beslissing van de Belgische regulator om de nationale terminatietarieven in gevoelig te verlagen, heeft de Belgische consument hiervan nauwelijks effect gevoeld op zijn gsm-rekening. Blijkbaar blijft de concurrentie op de Belgische mobieletelefoniemarkt ondermaats en slaagt de consument er niet in om uit een kluwen van ontransparante tariefstructuren het voordeligste aanbod te halen.

In sommige lidstaten betaalt men meer dan 4 keer zoveel voor hetzelfde telefoongebruik. De Belgische regering kondigt intussen aan de contractduur te beperken tot zes maanden en aldus een einde te maken aan de opzeggingskosten waarmee klanten geconfronteerd worden als zij van operator willen veranderen.

Kan de Commissie meedelen welke initiatieven ze kan nemen om de concurrentie verder aan te moedigen zodat consumenten hieruit voordeel halen? Heeft de Commissie beste praktijken kunnen identificeren die verdere verspreiding verdienen? Op welke manier draagt de Commissie er toe bij om regulatoren te begeleiden bij het nemen van maatregelen die de concurrentie op de telecommarkten ten goede komen en welke specifieke aanbeveling heeft de Commissie ten aanzien van de Belgische regulator?

Hoe kan er met name voor gezorgd worden dat de daling van de terminatietarieven ook doorberekend wordt aan de consument? De Commissie blijft nauw samenwerken met de nationale regelgevende instanties om ervoor te zorgen dat de markten beter functioneren.

Het doel daarvan is meer concurrentie en meer voordelen voor de eindgebruikers. Dit heeft geleid tot het besluit van 29 juni waarbij de afgiftetarieven aanzienlijk zijn verlaagd tot het niveau van 1,08 eurocent per minuut voor alle exploitanten vanaf 1 januari , vergeleken met 7,,43 eurocent per minuut in juni De verstrengde Europese telecomregels inzake nummeroverdraagbaarheid, dit is de mogelijkheid om van telecomaanbieder te veranderen en daarbij hetzelfde telefoonnummer te behouden, is nog een instrument om de concurrentie aan te moedigen.

Een ander belangrijk instrument om de concurrentie in de mobiele markten te versterken is een concurrentiebevorderend spectrumbeleid. Artikel 5 van het programma voor het radiospectrumbeleid RSPP versterkt de verplichting van de lidstaten om daadwerkelijke concurrentie met betrekking tot spectrumgebruiksrechten te bevorderen. Op de naleving van deze verplichting wordt nauwgezet toegezien door de Commissie.

Een verdere verbetering van het Belgische concurrentielandschap wordt verwacht na de recente veiling van een vierde 3G-licentie, waardoor een nieuwe speler Telenet de markt betreedt. Telenet is verplicht van start te gaan met de levering van diensten vanaf begin Ten slotte moet de recente liberalisering van de koppelverkoop, met mobiele toestellen, de concurrentie mee helpen aanzwengelen. Apparently, competition on the Belgian mobile telephony market remains poor and the consumer is not able to extract the most advantageous offer from the tangle of non-transparent tariff structures.

A survey carried out by the European Consumer Organisation BEUC in showed that there is a very large difference in charges for mobile telephony and text messaging in the various Member States. In some Member States, consumers pay more than four times as much for the same telephone use. The Belgian Government has since announced that contract duration will be limited to six months, thus putting an end to cancellation fees with which customers are confronted when they wish to change operators.

However, Belgium is certainly not the only Member State in which there is still a large margin for further price reductions. Can the Commission indicate what initiatives it can take to further encourage competition so that consumers can get the best deals?

Has the Commission identified best practices that deserve to be applied more widely? In what manner is the Commission contributing to guiding regulators in taking measures that will benefit competition in the telecom markets and what specific recommendations does the Commission have in relation to the Belgian regulator? In particular, how can it be ensured that the reduction of termination tariffs is also passed on to the consumer?

The Commission continues to work closely together with the National Regulatory Authorities NRAs to ensure that markets function better. This resulted in the decision of 29 June which substantially reduced termination rates to the level of EUR 1.

The reinforced EU telecom rules on number portability, i. In this regard, the Commission has recently decided to refer Belgium and four other Member States to the Court of Justice of the EU for non-communication of the national transposition measures.

Another key instrument to enhance competition in mobile markets is a pro-competitive spectrum policy. Article 5 of the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme RSPP reinforces the obligation on Member States to promote effective competition with regard to spectrum usage rights and the Commission is closely monitoring the compliance with this obligation.

Further progress in competition in Belgium is expected following the recent auction of a fourth 3G licence which resulted in a new player, Telenet, entering the market. Telenet is under the obligation to start delivering services from the beginning of Moreover, mobile virtual network operators MVNOs are active in the market and are gaining market share with their innovative offers.

Finally, the recent liberalisation of tied offers, including devices, should further contribute to increasing competition. Betreft: Verkiezingskandidatuur van commissaris De Gucht. De gedragscode voor commissarissen bepaalt dat commissarissen zich verkiesbaar mogen stellen en een actieve rol in een verkiezingscampagne mogen spelen op voorwaarde dat zij hun werkzaamheden voor de Commissie gedurende de hele periode dat zij actief betrokken zijn bij de campagne en ten minste voor de duur daarvan opschorten.

Op 31 mei heeft commissaris Karel De Gucht aangekondigd zich in de gemeente Berlare kandidaat te zullen stellen voor de Belgische gemeenteraadsverkiezingen van oktober Beschouwt de Commissie de aankondiging van de kandidatuur van de commissaris als het begin van diens campagne?

Zo ja, zal de commissaris zijn werkzaamheden voor de Commissie in overeenstemming met de gedragscode onmiddellijk opschorten? Zo niet, kan de Commissie dan aangeven waarom niet en wanneer de commissaris dergelijke werkzaamheden zal moeten opschorten? Voorts bepaalt de gedragscode dat commissarissen geen enkele publieke functie mogen uitoefenen.

Kan de Commissie bevestigen of dit betekent dat de heer De Gucht als commissaris moet aftreden indien hij in de gemeenteraad wordt gekozen en voor de keuze wordt gesteld om dat mandaat op te nemen? Commissaris De Gucht is voornemens deel te nemen aan de komende Belgische gemeenteraadsverkiezingen die op 14 oktober zullen plaatsvinden. Commissaris De Gucht heeft Commissievoorzitter Barroso evenwel ervan in kennis gesteld dat hij voornemens is bij de aanvang van de verkiezingscampagne bekend te maken dat hij er niet naar streeft om herverkozen te worden als burgemeester van Berlare, dat hij geen actieve rol in de campagne zal spelen en dat hij voornemens is zijn mandaat als lid van Commissie te blijven vervullen.

Zoals reeds is medegedeeld, is commissaris De Gucht niet voornemens om actief deel te nemen aan de campagne. In het kader van deze campagne mag hij geen gebruik maken van personele of andere middelen van de Commissie.

De Commissie bevestigt dat commissarissen geen openbare functie van welke aard ook mogen uitoefenen. De aandacht wordt evenwel erop gevestigd dat openbare functies waarvan de uitoefening formeel wordt gestaakt als gevolg van de rechtstreekse toepasselijkheid van de wet, kunnen worden gehandhaafd zolang de onafhankelijkheid van de commissaris gewaarborgd blijft Volgens de toepasselijke wetgeving is dit het geval voor de functie van lid van de Gemeenteraad.

The Code of conduct for Commissioners stipulates that a Commissioner is allowed to stand for election and to play an active role in an election campaign, on the condition that the person in question withdraws from the work of the Commission for the entire period of active implication and at least for the duration of the campaign. On 31 May , Commissioner Karel De Gucht announced that he would be a candidate in the Belgian local elections in October , in the municipality of Berlare.

If so, will the Commissioner withdraw from his Commission work immediately in line with the code of conduct? If not, can the Commission indicate why not, and at what point the Commissioner in question will be required to withdraw from such work?

Furthermore, the code of conduct stipulates that Commissioners may not exercise any public functions of any kind. Can the Commission confirm that this means that Mr De Gucht would need to resign as Commissioner if he were elected to the municipal council and were to decide to take up this mandate?

Commissioner De Gucht intends to participate in the next Belgian local elections campaign which will take place on 14 October However, Commissioner de Gucht informed President Barroso that he intends to announce, as from the outset of the election campaign, that he is not seeking reelection as Mayor of Berlare, that he will not play an active role in the election campaign and that he intends to continue to fulfil his mandate as Member of the Commission.

As previously stated, Commissioner De Gucht does not intend to participate actively in the campaign. He may not use any human or other Commission resource in the framework of this campaign. The Commission confirms that Commissioners may not exercise any public function of whatever kind. It must however be noted that public functions which are formally suspended by direct effect of law during the Commissioner’s mandate may be maintained, as long as the independence of the Commissioner is guaranteed This is the case for the function of member of the Municipal Council Gemeenteraad under the applicable law.

Liberian former President Charles Taylor was sentenced on 30 May to 50 years in prison for 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone. On 26 April , the Special Court for Sierra Leone had found the ex head of state guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity by supporting rebels in Sierra Leone. In this context, I issued a strong Declaration of support for this legal process, judgment and sentence, which demonstrate that nobody is above the law.

All those who commit crimes against humanity, whether in their own country or another, whether in power or in rebellion can and will be brought to justice. This is the least that the victims of such crimes deserve.

Once again, I would like to underline that the EU is firmly committed to international justice and the fight against impunity. It has been a strong supporter of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. According to data released by the European Statistical Service, saw an increase in VAT in the EU, as well as a gradual increase in income and corporate tax. The same data indicate that income and corporate tax rates in Greece are higher than average in the euro area and the EU.

How does it expect competitiveness and investments in Greece to be strengthened when such high tax rates are in force? Greece has implemented a number of tax reforms in order to respond to its compelling consolidation needs in recent years.

Following revenue-raising motivations, increases in both the standard and reduced VAT rates have been very frequent across EU Member States. The economic literature recognises that consumption taxes are less detrimental to growth than direct taxes. Complementary measures to enhance the business environment and investment are envisaged in the National Reform Programme submitted by the Greek Government.

Overall, the Commission considers that the need to put public finances on a sustainable path does not contradict the long term underlying objective of restoring competitiveness and growth, which is reflected in the types of tax reforms recently implemented in Greece. The Ministry of Rural Development and Food requested the European Commission to increase the total budget for the free food distribution programme to the destitute to EUR 30 million, on account of the difficult economic situation.

In line with statements made by the Commission in recent days, it would be advisable to conduct an immediate audit of the electricity sector, overseen by the Commission, to ascertain where these inefficiencies lie.

Does the Commission think that Spain should be required to audit its electricity sector to pinpoint inefficiencies? In November , the Commission published its Annual Growth Survey for focusing on priorities for economic policy. Against this background, Spain presented its national reform programme and stability programme in April The Commission assessed the state of implementation of the country-specific recommendations, identified current policy challenges and adopted a recommendation for Council recommendations on 30 May The staff working document published on 30 May which underpins these recommendations provides an analysis and highlights the challenges that Spain faces, including those in the energy sector, one of them related to the tariff deficit referred to in the question However, it is up to Spain to choose measures to implement the recommendation.

As starting point, the Spanish Government has adopted in March measures to tackle the tariff deficit including an increase of the regulated tariff of last resort and measures to reduce costs in activities of generation, distribution and transmission. These short term measures should be followed by an in-depth reform of the electricity sector including the revision of the regulated tariff system ensuring that tariffs reflect market prices and a review of the renewables support scheme.

The reform of energy sector in Spain should be oriented to ensure in the long run the economic feasibility of the electricity activities and a stable and certain legal framework for investors.

Photovoltaic producers who made an investment under a remuneration scheme that promised a tariff must have the return on their investment guaranteed, in the same way that an investor buying a bond from United Kingdom must have a guaranteed rate of return. However, the retroactive measures taken by the Kingdom of Spain clearly give it an unfair advantage over the other EU countries, which have not allowed retroactive measures against EU citizens.

What measures does the Commission plan to take to prevent new retroactive rules being made in the Kingdom of Spain against photovoltaic producers?

Honourable Member, we had the opportunity to discuss this issue bilaterally. Los datos de esa autoridad son los siguientes:. In , this area suffered a similar fire which spread over 5 hectares. The white pine tree has been the main species affected since its young age means natural regeneration cannot be guaranteed. This species of pine must be at least 20 years old in order to regenerate. Given the current land degradation, high risk of erosion and risk of soil losses greater than those permissible over 12 tonnes per year and hectare , can the Commission say:.

Does it believe that the EU should respond to such a fire and its devastating consequences by providing special funds for forest restoration in the affected area, the cost of which is valued at EUR 4 per hectare? How could the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development aid natural regeneration and restoration of the damaged area in the province of Tarragona? This support covers the planting of new trees and the introduction of appropriate prevention actions creation of forest firebreaks; establishment of protective infrastructures; preventive forestry practices such as vegetation control, thinning and diversification of vegetative structure.

The selection of the specific projects to be funded under this measure falls under the responsibility of the Managing Authority of the program, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity governing the implementation of Rural Development Programs.

The contact details of the Managing Authority are the following:. L’UE ogni anno assegna il titolo di Capitale europea dello sport. Il premio di Capitale europea dello sport funge da stimolo, per le amministrazioni locali e le associazioni presenti sul territorio, a soddisfare una fondamentale e determinante realizzazione delle basi che contribuiscono a migliorare il livello generale di salute degli abitanti di un paese, attraverso la cultura del sano esercizio fisico.

La Commissione europea ha riconosciuto l’importanza del titolo di Capitale europea dello sport nella sezione «Dialogo strutturato con le parti interessate del settore dello sport» nel Libro bianco sullo sport del In view of the role sport plays as a means of improving individuals’ physical wellbeing and their overall quality of life, as well as promoting an inclusive society, an ethical commitment is required of cities awarded this title.

The European Capital of Sport award acts as an incentive for local authorities and their sports departments to play an instrumental role in improving their community’s general level of health by promoting physical exercise as one of the basics of a healthy lifestyle. European Capitals of Sport are responsible for developing the facilities and introducing the good practice models that will enable sport to foster the inclusion of society’s more disadvantaged groups, such as disabled persons, older persons, young people in difficulties and migrants.

The cities that have been awarded the title of European Capital of Sport stand as positive examples of an ethical approach to social policy that should also be applied to strategies, programmes and measures in other areas.

European cities should view this initiative as a common project providing a formal framework for promoting ethical values. Can it provide further information on how cities can apply to become a European Capital of Sport? However, the European Commission is not involved in the selection process and the management of the European Capital of sport initiative and therefore is not in a position to provide the Honourable Member with the requested information. Oggetto: Cellule cardiache a misura di paziente.

Uno studio israeliano sostiene infatti l’efficacia di una nuova tecnica, messa a punto nei laboratori. Non si tratta della prima terapia sperimentale volta a ricostruire le aree cardiache danneggiate da un infarto, ma la vera innovazione sta nel punto di partenza. I ricercatori, infatti, hanno utilizzato cellule epiteliali di due pazienti precedentemente colpiti da infarto per generare cellule cardiache compatibili con il cuore stesso dei donatori. Questi ultimi, come hanno chiaramente definito due studi del , sono in grado di fatto di riportare indietro l’orologio biologico delle cellule umane, facendole regredire a uno stadio indifferenziato paragonabile a quello embrionale.

Grazie a questo procedimento sono state ottenute delle cellule staminali indotte pluripotenti che sono state fatte differenziare poi in cellule cardiache vere e proprie.

Inoltre, lo sviluppo delle cellule cardiache partendo da quelle epiteliali richiede due settimane di tempo, impedendo un intervento immediatamente successivo all’infarto. Cardiocell 61 , che ha come obiettivo lo sviluppo di nuove terapie cardiomiocitiche di sostituzione per malattie cardiovascolari ischemiche;. Care-MI 63 , che ha come obiettivo lo sviluppo di terapie rigenerative miocardiche per la cura delle patologie ischemiche del cuore provocate da infarto acuto del miocardio;.

Healthy heart cells can be extracted from skin cells. This is the latest frontier in stem cell research and gives new hope to people with heart damage. This is not the first experimental treatment to be used to reconstruct sections of the heart damaged by a heart attack, but the real innovation is the starting point. The researchers used epithelial cells from two heart attack patients to generate heart cells compatible with their own hearts.

Scientists took epithelial tissue cells from two patients aged 51 and 61 and reprogrammed them to make them immature by infecting them with a virus containing three pluripotent genes.

As was clearly established by two studies in , these genes can actually reverse the biological clock of human cells, returning them to a state comparable to their embryonic state. As a result, pluripotent stem cells were obtained, which were then differentiated into proper heart cells.

There are many obstacles to overcome. The first one is that stem cells may cause tumours once they have been injected into a specific organ. Furthermore, it takes two weeks to cultivate heart cells from epithelial cells, which prevents immediate action following a heart attack.

Given the importance of this research and the need to develop it, does it not agree that Seventh Framework Programme FP7 or Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme funding should be made available? Answer given by Ms Geoghegan-Quinn on behalf of the Commission. This work falls into the category of regenerative medicine, which is well supported by the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development FP7, Specific activities in heart regeneration that have been supported so far include the following projects:.

CardioCell 65 which aims to develop new cardiomyocyte replacement therapies for ischemic heart disease;. InfarctCellTherapy 66 which explores possibilities for heart cell therapy using different procedures and sources of stem and progenitor cells;. Care-MI 67 which aims to develop myocardial regenerative therapies against ischemic heart disease produced after acute myocardial infarction;. BAMI 68 which explores the use of bone marrow derived cells to restore cardiac function following acute myocardial infarction.

In line with the decision on the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme CIP , this programme does not support this kind of research. Entro il 30 giugno , gli Stati membri devono adottare le disposizioni legislative, regolamentari e amministrative necessarie per conformarsi alla presente direttiva. Per poter guidare all’estero, i cittadini europei sono oggi soggetti a regole differenti a seconda che si rechino, per periodi di breve soggiorno o per stabilirvi la propria residenza, in paesi membri o paesi extra UE.

By 30 June , Member States must adopt the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this directive. In order to be able to drive abroad, European citizens are currently subject to different rules depending on whether they are going to Member States or to non-EU countries either for short stays or to take up residence.

Have any non-EU countries signed reciprocal agreements with Member States on the conversion of driving licences? It does not change the situation of the non-EU countries, which remains governed by the Vienna Convention on road traffic Oggetto: Vaccinazione genetica per curare i tumori. Nuovi studi riguardanti terapie contro i tumori mediante la vaccinazione genetica antitumorale sono stati condotti da un laboratorio di Immunologia Molecolare di Trieste.

Si tratta di vaccini che hanno l’obiettivo di essere curativi. I settori terapeutici considerati comprendono la vaccinazione, la terapia basata sugli anticorpi e sulle cellule, la scoperta di farmaci e lo studio della loro resistenza, la chemioterapia e la radioterapia. A molecular immunology laboratory in Trieste carried out a new study on treating tumours with an anti-cancer genetic vaccination.

The study involved a DNA vaccination clinical trial for lymphoma caused by the malignant transformation of B lymphocytes. The research group started working with a particular B-cell lymphoma model, where all the cancerous cells have a particular surface protein that is unique to, and characteristic of, cancerous cells.

These vaccines that aim to provide a cure. This approach is being used for lymphoma, but can be transferred to other tumour types since it involves laboratory engineering that can be used for other cancers, for example breast cancer.

Given the importance of the research and the need to develop it, does it consider that the Seventh Framework Programme FP7 or the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme should give funding? Although research on DNA vaccination for lymphoma has not been supported, research on other therapeutic approaches for lymphoma have been funded under the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development FP6, ; FP7, So far, EUR 26 million have been devoted to frontier and translational research on the understanding, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of lymphoma.

Therapeutic areas addressed include vaccination, antibody and cell therapy, drug discovery and resistance, chemo and radiotherapy.

In line with the decision on the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme CIP , this programme does not support such kind of research. Further opportunities for collaborative research on lymphoma may be found in the orientation paper 77 prepared in connection with the FP7 Work Programme in the area of Health research, which will be officially published in July Si tratta di una fonte energetica capace di concorrere alla crescita di un paese.

Nel , invece, si potrebbe arrivare a quota otto miliardi di metri cubi. Un risultato raggiungibile evitando la competizione food — no food e in grado di garantire un crescente utilizzo di biomasse d’integrazione, come sottoprodotti agricoli, colture di secondo raccolto come triticale o mais di seconda semina , effluenti zootecnici, scarti agroindustriali, colture non alimentari. Nella nuova PAC saranno inseriti provvedimenti per favorire la produzione di biometano? Spetta quindi agli Stati membri stabilire quali colture possano essere destinate alla produzione di biometano per ricevere contributi pubblici.

It is possible to produce 8 million m 3 of biomethane within the next 20 years, using hectares of dedicated crops, an increasing quantity of by-products and second-crop agricultural raw materials.

Biomethane is a strategic source thanks to its programmability, efficiency and multiple uses: from electricity and heat generation to vehicle fuel. This is an energy source that can help a country to grow. Half of this could be used directly to produce electricity and heat in biogas plants, and the rest could be injected into the grid and used as fuel for transport, heating and high-yield cogeneration. By , the level of production could be as much as 8 million m 3. Will provisions to encourage biomethane production be included in the new common agricultural policy?

Does the EU think that bioeconomy is essential for fuelling growth and improving economic and environmental sustainability in primary production? Biomethane is a versatile renewable energy carrier which can be used for power generation, combined heat and power generation, heat generation, as a transport fuel and potentially also for the production of renewable hydrogen.

The production of biomethane is supported by some Member States in order to achieve their respective renewable energy targets for as set by the Renewable Energy Directive RED Accordingly, it is also regulated at the level of Member States which feedstocks are allowed for making biomethane in order to receive public support. Use of food and feed crops grown on purpose for biomethane may raise concerns about its sustainability, whereas the use of residues and waste can be considered to be best practice.

According to the Commission Proposal for a regulation on support for rural development 83 , whose detailed provisions are currently under discussions in the Council and European Parliament, the Rural Development Policy of the common agricultural policy CAP would continue to offer financial support to investments facilitating the supply and use of renewable sources of energy, subject to Member States’ management of their respective rural development policies and subject to applicability of other support instruments such as national feed-in tariffs.

The bioeconomy is a key element for smart and green growth in Europe It will allow to improve the management of its renewable biological resources and it can maintain and create economic growth and jobs and improve the economic and environmental sustainability of primary production.

On 29 May , an urbanisation plan for the Valdevaqueros zone was approved in a town council meeting in Tarifa, with only the United Left voting against it. The plan covers the construction of homes and a complex with more than 1 hotel spaces in this unspoiled natural environment on the Cadiz coast.

This model was largely responsible for the economic crisis from which Spain is now suffering, and it also represents a threat to current tourism in the area’s unspoiled beaches. This urbanisation plan affects more than square metres and will have damaging effects on two natural parks forming part of the Natura network and thus afforded special protection: the Estrecho Natural Park ES and the Alcornocales Natural Park ES Furthermore, the area of special environmental interest affected was declared a biosphere reserve by Unesco.

Some of the natural sites affected are protected by European environmental legislation, such as the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive. The project’s approval has met with strong opposition from citizens, who were not consulted or involved in the decision-making process, as provided for in the Aarhus Convention.

Moreover, the project does not fit within a model of sustainable, responsible and environmentally sensitive growth. Does the Commission not see a need to investigate this project to avoid breaches of EU environmental legislation? The Commission is aware of the issues raised by the Honourable Member, due to a recent complaint on the Valdevaqueros urbanization plan in Spain. The Commission has requested further information from the competent Spanish authorities concerning the compliance of this plan with the relevant requirements under EU environmental law, including the Aarhus Convention.

Asunto: Cianobacterias en el Embalse de As Conchas. According to analysis by the Biotechnology and Toxicity Laboratory at the Veterinary Science Faculty at the Complutense University of Madrid, more than 15 colonies per millilitre were found. The Microcystis Aeruginosa detected produces the Microcystina toxin, which can cause serious health problems in large quantities and after long exposure, including destroying the liver.

In Sao Paulo Brazil , more than people have died as a result of the toxin. According to the World Health Organisation directives, the water was declared unfit for any use. This cyanobacterial bloom seems to be caused by the presence of phosphates and nitrates from fertilisers used in potato cultivation entering the river and from slurry and chemical fertiliser runoff from farms.

Has the Commission been told about this serious case of pollution by the Spanish authorities? Does it think that this is contravening the Water Framework Directive? Is it taking appropriate measures to deal with the situation? Should urgent measures be taken? The Commission is not aware of the case of pollution referred to by the Honourable Member. At this stage, the Commission cannot assess whether the requirements of WFD are being complied with, given that Spain has not submitted its river basin management plans RBMP.

This emergency situation is a result of the drought and reductions in water to the dam, but also due to appropriation of the public body of water for private economic interests. The local Barbastro Hunting and Fishing Association has warned that fishing in the river is impossible this season.

One ecologically-valuable section of the river is practically dry, while supplies to local farm irrigation systems, hydropower plants, fish farms and paper factories have been maintained. It should be emphasised that the River Cinca is included in the ES Cinca and Alcanadre Rivers site of Community importance, covering an area of some 6 hectares. Both rivers constitute important water arteries, acting as a biological corridor for many species of fauna and flora, while also linking the Pyrenean foothills to the floor of the Ebro River valley, which is why there is an obligation to take measures to protect it.

What actions has the Commission taken or does it intend to take to preserve this important ecological area? In particular, is it thinking of urging the Spanish authorities to establish an obligatory minimum ecological flow for the River Cinca? A minimum ecological flow is necessary to comply with Article 4 of the directive which requires the prevention of the deterioration of water bodies, as well as the achievement of good status. Has Greece set aside sufficient resources from the Structural Funds to sustain the sector in question?

In what way can the Commission help to halt the downgrading of psychiatric establishments and redeem the image of psychiatric establishments in Greece? During the current programming period , the European Social Fund ESF provides support through the Human Resources Development operational programme for the reform of the mental health sector in Greece.

The Commission is concerned, however, at the low level of project implementation in the sector in question, where only 3. The Commission is aware of the challenges facing vulnerable sections of the population in Greece.

The ESF is accordingly providing assistance to promote the social inclusion and employment of mental patients, foster their deinstitutionalisation through the development of outpatient facilities, tackle discrimination and step up human resources in the mental health sector. As early as the beginning of , Greece requested technical assistance for the purpose of speeding up the absorption of funds from the External Borders Fund and the European Return Fund. In March , the Action Group for Greece invited Member States to make available the relevant assistance and submit proposals for the provision of experts.

Has any positive impact been noted on the progress of the projects financed by these two funds? Are there any concrete results to be reported? As regards the area of return, since Frontex is successfully running the Attica project deploying experts assisting Greece in capacity building and improvement of return management.

This assistance has positive impact on the implementation of different actions co-financed under the Return Fund. As regards borders, the mandate of the Operational Office of Frontex in Piraeus has been expanded in March to assist capacity building for the Greek authorities dealing with external borders. This includes the better use of the EBF. In particular, Frontex is expected to support the Greek services in the preparation of technical specifications for actions co-financed under the EBF.

On 29 June , the Commission organised an operational workshop dedicated to the situation in Greece bringing Member States and other stakeholders together.

The main objective of the workshop was to verify the availability of Member States to provide support on various identified actions in the area of asylum, migration and borders. In the EU plus Norway and Iceland , around 13 million children lack the basics for their development.

Particularly high rates of child poverty are reported in countries where the economic environment is unfavourable owing to the current economic crisis. Can it provide information on the danger of children from single-parent families ending up in poverty? Is it considering a strategy for combating child poverty, with specific target indicators and practical political actions comparable to those proposed for combating youth unemployment?

Has it proposed specific social protection measures to the Member States for this population group? Has there been any response from Member States? Children growing up in a single parent family face risk of poverty of One of the five headline targets of the Europe strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive is to reduce the number of poor people in the EU with 20 million persons. The Council just adopted 19 Country Specific Recommendations related to child poverty and well-being.

The Commission is working on a recommendation on child poverty. It is part of the Commission’s workplan. The recommendation will propose a holistic approach to fight child poverty, pleading for improved access to income support, health and social services and better child participation in social and afterschool activities. Monitoring and evaluation will be facilitated through a set of existing indicators and based on existing reporting mechanisms Europe, National Reform Programmes, National Social Reports.

A decade of cooperation on child poverty through the Open Method of Coordination has helped to identify common challenges and a set of indicators as was highlighted in the Joint Report on Social Protection and Social Inclusion.

Besides, the upcoming Recommendation will propose common principles for effective policy action. The Commission has not proposed any specific social protection measures because this is a Member State competence. Is the Commission aware of this proposal? What is its position on and assessment of the proposal?

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