How to Use SketchUp (with Pictures) – wikiHow.Google SketchUp Pro Crack Full Version Free Download [Updated]

How to Use SketchUp (with Pictures) – wikiHow.Google SketchUp Pro Crack Full Version Free Download [Updated]

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Article Summary. Part 1. Open the SketchUp website. In order to use SketchUp, you’ll have to answer a few questions and create an account on the website. It’s a red button on the right side of the page. Click Personal Projects. This option is in the middle of the form. Click create a Trimble ID. It’s a link above the login button.

Doing so will take you to the account creation page. Enter your account information. Fill out the following text fields: First name — Enter your first name.

Last name — Enter your last name. Email address — Enter a working email address to which you currently have access. Password — Enter a password for your account. In the “Enter the above text” box, type in the text from the box above it. You can change the text by clicking the “Refresh” button to the right of it. Click Create new account. It’s a yellow button at the bottom of the page. Doing so creates your account and sends an activation email to the email address you listed.

Activate your account. Open the email inbox for the address you used to create your account, then do the following: Look for a “Trimble Account Creation Notification” email you may have to check the Spam folder, or look in one of your inbox’s other folders. Click Activate account in the email’s body. Log into your Trimble account. Click the here link on the redirect page, then enter your email address and password and click Sign in.

Click the SketchUp for Web link. It’s near the top of the page. It’s a red button at the top of the page. Doing so will open SketchUp in your web browser, from which point you can begin using it as you please. Part 2. Consider taking the tour. To see SketchUp’s latest features and suggested actions, click the blue Start tour button in the middle of the page, then follow the on-screen prompts. You can also skip the SketchUp tour by clicking the Start modeling link.

Complete the setup. Click OK when prompted about cookie use, then check the “I agree to the terms of service” box and click OK. Review the tools and their uses. On the left side of the page, you’ll see a vertical column of icons. These icons, from top to bottom, pertain to the following tools: Select — Allows you to highlight or “select” an item.

Erase — Allows you to remove a highlighted selected item. Paint Bucket — Allows you to fill an item’s surface with a color of your choosing.

Draw Lines — Allows you to click and drag to draw a straight line. Draw Arcs — Allows you to click and drag to draw an arc. Draw Shapes — Allows you to click and drag to draw a specific shape e. Modify Objects — Allows you to change the model’s surface e.

Move Objects — Allows you to move via clicking and dragging an item. Measure Tools — Allows you to measure an item using your preferred dimensions. Walk — Allows you to view your creation from eye level. Camera Controls — Allows you to change the camera’s settings for different viewing. Know what the panels do.

On the right side of the page, you should see another vertical column of icons. This is the “Panels” menu; from top to bottom, each icon relates to the following: Entity Info — Shows information about the currently selected object or “entity”. Instructor — Gives you tips about using SketchUp. Components — Allows you to search for specific 3D model components.

Materials — Lets you select different materials for painting your model. Styles — Shows different styles of modeling. Layers — Shows the different layers in your project. Scenes — Shows different scenes e. Display — Brings up settings for your project. Check out the status bar. You’ll find the status bar in the lower-left side of the screen. From left to right, the options here pertain to the following functions: Undo — Removes the last action. Redo — Reapplies the last action.

Help — Opens a menu with advice for your currently selected item. Language — Allows you to change the on-screen language. Feedback and Status — Both of these options provide different pieces of information about selected items. Scroll up or down to zoom in or out. This will allow you to shift your perspective somewhat, though you’ll need to use the camera tool to rotate or pan right or left.

Find your project’s current measurements. In the lower-right corner of the page, you’ll see a set of dimensions pertaining to your currently selected area. However, SketchUp Make is a different tool from most design software. For starters, the navigation and drawing tools are on opposite sides of the toolbar instead of sharing space like they do with alternative packages.

SketchUp also has a vast array of 3D models from which you can download and customize everything from fences to refrigerators. The online library includes full models of various building types that you can import into SketchUp and customize to make it your own design. You will have the ability to create ambitious projects such as mansions or skyscrapers.

Additionally, most templates are not just external shells but have interior details too. The 3DWarehouse is a great resource for finding quality components and fittings, but it can become time-consuming.

For example, there are generic items such as home fixtures or fittings that you can easily find. The right-hand side toolbar contains the app’s various panels, including a simple help panel , which is useful when you don’t know how to use an object. You hace access to the 3DWarehouse browser that allows for finding models within your library. There are also swatches for color themes and textures , view options to zoom in or out on model detail, rendering settings like materials-based lighting colors, and darken skybox option like changing from day to night.

Uniquely, there are extra helpful tools included in layers, allowing you to view all objects separately. This makes it so that it’s easy to access and control visibility without affecting other elements. It is a helpful resource that comes pre-loaded with lots of information.

It’s context-sensitive, so if you’ve selected the Orbit tool, it will show you an animation and text explaining how to modify its functions. You can access the knowledge within this training module in real-time without having to stop what you’re doing or search for help elsewhere.

SketchUp’s view controls are excellent. In addition to moving the camera on and around your model, you can also choose from a range of pre-defined views such as front, side, or rearview, overhead, and angled views among others. You can further animate these views to get an aerial standpoint with different angles during the transition between perspectives. With smooth transitions, Sketup Make delivers a drone camera effect when flying over and around structures.

SketchUp Make’s free version includes many useful features , but you may need to upgrade to the pro version for the advanced features. Additional features that are not in the free version are other key 3D file types used in many industries, which require more specific design programs such as AutoCAD. SketchUp Make is a simple CAD program that is easy for anyone to create impressive 3D models of interior, furniture design, and landscapes.

Some of SketchUp Make’s built-in features include lighting effects, textures, layer manager, and animations that are simple for anyone who has never used any CAD program before. Although the extensive library of models and symbols provides CAD designers an opportunity to thrive, SketchUp Make misses a few key tools, like the wall tool or house wizard, which are found on other popular design programs like AutoCAD.

SketchUp is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool for creating, viewing, and modifying 3D ideas quickly and easily. The program is designed to combine the elegance and spontaneity of pencil sketching with the speed and flexibility of today’s digital media. Developed for the conceptual stages of design, SketchUp allows for quick and easy 3D form creation, complete with an interface that supports a dynamic, creative exploration of 3D form, material and light.

SketchUp combines a compact yet robust tool-set with an intelligent guidance system that streamlines the 3D drawing process. Export models to Google Earth Click on a shape and push or pull it to create your desired 3D geometry Experiment with color and texture directly on your model Real-time shadow casting lets you see exactly where the sun falls as you model Select from thousands of pre-drawn components to save time drawing.

Be prepared to waste a lot of time. For all the hype it is buggy as heck- things that are rendered perfectly fine suddenly ‘vanish’ when uploade d to Shapeways- hours of tweaking is hours wasted; trying to get someone from Sketchup to help is also time consuming- and they expect me to pay for the ‘pro’ version with all of these errors? Pros: easy to use logical Cons: buggy as all heck when uploaded to shapeways awful communication from Staff More.

Pretty good.. Never heard about it previously, but the software seems to be pretty decent. I recommend. Pros: Does everything what’s neede d Cons: Occasional bugs More. Love it!.

Great design software.


FREE SketchUp Pro License for Educators & Homeschoolers – A free and powerful 3D modeling software


Student Licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Student Licenses can be upgraded to the newest version for free original license expiration date applies. The same student license can be installed on both your desktop and laptop computers. Student Licenses cannot be used for commercial for-profit work of any kind. You must also provide a current faculty ID, course syllabus, or other similar document..

Educator Licenses are free SketchUp Pro licenses that expire one year from the date of generation. Educator Licenses that have not expired can be upgraded to the newest version for free original licenses expiration date applies. The same Educator License can be installed on both your desktop and laptop computers.

Educator Licenses cannot be used for commercial for-profit work of any kind. License terms of one year are available, and version updates and upgrades are free. Institutional Laptop Licenses:. Important Information: Networked Lab Licenses are intended for installation on computers in a networked lab situation, and are floating network licenses. The license file used by Networked Lab Licenses is managed in the cloud.

Labs will need to have a connection to the public Internet to authorize and use the license. Networked Lab Licenses are only available to accredited educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations with instructional facilities for use in instructional settings. For all orders Networked Lab Licenses expire one years from the date the license was generated.

Networked Lab Licenses that have not expired can be upgraded to the newest version at no charge original expiration date applies. Networked Lab Licenses cannot be used for commercial for-profit work of any kind.

Contact your reseller about Institutional Laptop Licenses and if your school qualifies. Create large-format, multi-page documents, Dimension and annotate scaled SketchUp models and vector graphics, Link, update and embed SketchUp models in your 2D documents and presentations to keep changes synchronized, Share multi-page documents with clients in PDF, print, raster image, or Presentation mode and Present SketchUp models in live, full-screen presentations.

The layOut combines 3D models with text and 2D drawing elements to create design documents, construction drawings and compelling digital presentations. High-quality printing including vector, raster and hybrid rendering modes, Print on any sheet size, including large-format and Print multi-page documents. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or greater is required. Software in a virtual server environment is not supported. Please ensure that the video card driver supports OpenGL version 3.

NOTE : Upon the purchase of this product. Trimble SketchUp Pro License, details of the latest version will be delivered via.

You will receive license information and a link to download SketchUp Pro via an email confirmation upon completion of your order. Please note that you are purchasing a license for an electronically downloaded version of SketchUp Pro the latest version. To download the software: click here. Training date to be agreed. On-site training is available please ask for quotation.

Sign In. Forgotten Password Create Account. Add to Cart. SketchUp Pro Student Licence – 1 Year Term which comes with 12 months maintenance and support – licence suitable for both Windows and Mac systems.


.PSA: You Can Still Download the Old Free Version of SketchUp

Free to use version is called SketchUp Make or Viewer and paid commercial version Trimble SketchUp Pro Licence comes with 1-Year Maintenance and. Jun 28, – Google SketchUp Pro Crack + license key + Keygen Download the latest version of the Sketch full cracked & Activated without. The last free offline version of SketchUp you can get is SketchUp Make IIRC. Make is basically the same as Pro but it can’t be used in.


SketchUp Pro License for Academics – Pro – SketchUp Community –

New SketchUp Pro Licenses; Upgrade a License; Renew Support; Corporate Solutions; Student & Educator Licenses; Search; Help Center. SketchUp Help Center. Getting Started. Downloading, Installing, and Authorizing SketchUp. Tips & Tutorials. Visit our YouTube channel for Informative Tutorials and Tips. Aug 18,  · SketchUp Make is the free version of Sketchup Pro but is not as robust with features. The most recent update was in as the team stopped developing the free version. If you’re looking for an updated free 3D modeling app, also check out Autodesk D License. Trial version. Version. Older versions (3) Latest update. Aug SketchUp Free. SketchUp Go Neu. SketchUp Pro. SketchUp Studio. SketchUp Studio für die Hochschulbildung. Hochschulbildung – Verwaltung. Das ist NEU in SketchUp. Die beliebtesten Produkte. SketchUp Pro. Internetbasiertes SketchUp. SketchUp for iPad Neu. SketchUp für Schulen. SketchUp Viewer. 3D-Galerie. LayOut. Sefaira. Alle Produkte. Bei.