How to Fix INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE Error on Windows 10.Error: Inaccessible Boot Device, How To Fix It Yourself [MiniTool Tips]

How to Fix INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE Error on Windows 10.Error: Inaccessible Boot Device, How To Fix It Yourself [MiniTool Tips]

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Type command dism. You need to replace [package name] with the specific package name on your computer. Step 4 Restart computer and check if the error is fixed. Method 2: Run SFC scan to repair corrupted system files. Windows provides system file checker to help scan and restore missing or corrupted system files. Here is the step by step guide:. System will start scan the inaccessible device for missing, broken and corrupted files, please wait with patience. Method 3: Test hard drive for bad sectors.

If your hard drive where Windows 10 is installed has bad sectors, it may become inaccessible. Then system booting process won’t be able to access system information on the disk. Thus, it is necessary to have a check of bad sectors. DiskGenius WinPE Edition includes the function to check and repair bad sectors and you can follow the guide below to test hard drive. Sectors conditions on the disk are marked with blocked in different levels, for example, Excellent, Good, Damaged.

If the disk indeed has bad sectors, you can click Repair button to try repairing bad sectors. Please note that repairing bad sectors may cause data loss, please back up important file in advance. You can try following steps:. Then you can enter your BIOS. When you failed to access data from hard drive due to inaccessible or corrupted device, you may get an error message indicating that there is something wrong with the hard drive.

The error message varies depending on how the drive gets damaged, for instance, “You need to format the disk before you can use it. Do you want to format it now? The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded, and that the volume is not corrupted. Accessible is denied”. What’s worse, your computer encounters BSOD error. How to recover lost data from inaccessible disk when PC fails to boot to Windows?

At this moment, you can try following method to get back lost data. You can refer to previous content of this article to create bootable USB disk for your disk.

Besides, you can connect the inaccessible disk to another working computer and start the RAW drive recovery. Step 2 Launch DiskGenius, choose the inaccessible drive and click File Recovery button from toolbar area. Step 3 Scan the device to look for recoverable files.

Choose proper recovery options and click Start button to let DiskGenius scan the disk. It may take a while to complete the scanning if the drive has very large space or the disk contains bad sectors. However, scanning process can pause, continue or stop depending on your needs. Step 4 Preview and recover data from the inaccessible device. You can preview files listed in scanning result to check possibility of successful recovery.

If files can be previewed without problem, then they can be recovered correctly. Thus, you can fully test the software works on your issue before deciding to purchase a license code. Choose and right-click files you want to retrieve and click Copy To. Then you will be prompted to select a location to save recovered data. Above discusses the inaccessible boot device error, including symptom, causes and solutions.

If your Windows 10 cannot boot due to an inaccessible device issue, you can try troubleshoots here. It is not an uphill task to fix the error or retrieve data from inaccessible devices with the help of DiskGenius. If you have any questions or need help on the subject, please feel free to let us know. DiskGenius is professional data recovery software and it can help you get back lost files or partitions and recover RAW drive with ease.

Learn More. Partition Management. Disk Utilities. Beyond your imagination DiskGenius can do more! Fixed – Inaccessible Boot Device error in Windows Position: How Tos – Disk Utilities – Fixed – Inaccessible Boot Device error in Windows 10 Summary Inaccessible boot device error is a blue screen of death error that may happen to Windows 10 after you’ve upgraded to Windows 10, installed system updates or reset this PC.

It seems that it is not easy to fix the inaccessible boot device error, for you are not able to accessible operating system. This article provides several methods that can help you overcome the issue easily. So, keep reading to find out solutions. Table of Contents Windows 10 inaccessible boot device error Reasons behind inaccessible boot device error in Windows 10 How to fix the inaccessible boot device error in Windows 10?

Conclusion Windows 10 inaccessible boot device error “I’m exhausted trying things to fix the error. Make sure to download any pending Windows updates to keep your operating system in check. Windows 10 sometimes gets stuck in update pending mode. It makes it look like there are new system updates on standby.

You can fix it by deleting a specific registry key SessionsPending from the command-line environment. Make sure to press Enter between each line:.

In the following step, you should create a temporary file for each pending update and move it there. As a result, your computer might be infected. To troubleshoot this issue, you have to scan your computer for malware and remove any infections you might find using the built-in antivirus tool: Windows Defender. If your hard disk is small and quickly fills up with files, this can become a real problem for Windows. With insufficient disk space, you can expect all sorts of compatibility issues, including Blue Screen of Death error messages on Windows Make sure to transfer your important photos and work documents to an external hard drive, burn them to a disc, or upload them to your cloud storage account.

Or, your USB ports might not function correctly. To check this, you can unplug everything from your computer, especially new devices that you attached around the same time you started receiving the BSOD error. Afterward, reboot your computer to see if you still get the BSOD error. You might be able to spot the bad apple. They are typically used by gamers who need a bit more juice to meet system requirements.

However, because overclocking tools are intrusive by nature, they could do more damage than good on your operating system, like triggering Blue Screen of Death errors. To solve this problem, you just have to turn off your overclocking utilities and restore your clock settings to their factory values. However, you can investigate this problem from the command line. Before getting started, make sure to save your work and close all running applications:.

You can start Windows in clean boot mode to only load the necessary drivers, services, and processes. You can also check your hard disk and system for errors, restore Windows to a previous checkpoint, and run a clean boot. Your email address will not be published.



What Is the Inaccessible Boot Device Error.Windows 10 boot inaccessible device free download


There dlwnload many people saying they fail to boot into the system; they see a blue screen containing an inaccessible boot device error during Windows startup. This often happens to Windows 10 after an update or Reset. What causes the Windows inaccessible boot device issue and how to fix it properly? You can find answers from the following content. If the boot device on your PC is not bootable anymore, the system will detect this and display the corresponding error message to you.

The inaccessible boot device is a common error that will prevent you from booting the system successfully. Больше на странице is because problems and bugs can be found easily fres a new update.

Inaccessible boot device Windows wihdows is an error many users said they have met after upgrading their Windows 10 system. Usually, the operating system is loaded from the boot device to start your computer. This is a typical blue screen of death BSOD. The system will downolad shut down after the Boo to stay away from file corruption or data loss. One important reason why the error is so popular is that it can be caused outlook is offline free a lot of problems.

Then, try to repair the inaccessible boot device yourself. Till now, it has reached over 40 million downloads all over the world. You need the Snap-in WinPE Bootable Builder to create a bootable disk so as to recover data from the inaccessible disk. Step 3 : modify the boot sequence to make computer boot from the disk you made.

Then, exit and save changes. Step 4 : wait for the countdown to frer or click Windwos button to continue in both screen resolution changing window and MiniTool Power Data Recovery launching window.

Step 6 : select an option windows 10 boot inaccessible device free download the left-hand panel and specify the drive containing your needed data from the right. Step 7 : click Scan to detect files in that drive.

Then, windows 10 boot inaccessible device free download the search result and посетить страницу out the data you need. Step 8 : click Save and choose another drive to store the files waiting to inacceswible recovered. At last, click OK to confirm your selection. Please be advised that you can use the trial edition first to recover data from читать статью working PC if you suspect the performance of Power Data Recovery.

Free Download Click to tweet. You may be wondering how do I fix my boot device when finding invalid boot device error on a blue screen, right? In the following content, there are still some advanced methods for you нажмите для продолжения repair the ссылка drive.

You can also run inacccessible volume command windows 10 boot inaccessible device free download diskpart to see the partitions mounted on the computer. How to fix when DiskPart encountered an error? The boot configuration parameters are contained in Boot Configuration Database; they decide how your OS is booted.

How to check:. If you finally boot into your system, but find Inaccfssible has deleted some of your files, you should recover them by using onaccessible mentioned here:. Does chkdsk utility delete your important data?

These methods are also useful for inaccessible boot device Windows 8. The steps to recover data and repair inaccessible продолжить device Windows 10 SSD are the same. Click to tweet. Invalid Boot Disk Error is also one of the most common errors occurred during system startup and bothered wundows of people.

What are the right things to do? Download Power Data Recovery. Languages: Deutsch. Summary : There are many people saying they fail to boot into the system; they see a blue screen containing windows 10 boot inaccessible device free download boot device error during Windows startup. Read More.


Windows 10 boot inaccessible device free download.How to Fix INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE Error on Windows 10

Mar 10,  · Make sure to download any pending Windows updates to keep your operating system in check. It might be just enough to solve the INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE issue on Windows Open the Start menu, type Check for updates, and press Enter; If there are any pending updates, click Download; Restart your PC; 5. Fix pending Windows updates. Follow these steps to create installation media (USB flash drive or DVD) you can use to install a new copy of Windows 10, perform a clean installation, or reinstall Windows Before you download the tool make sure you have: An internet connection (internet service provider fees may apply). Now, you are in safe mode. 2. Restart Your PC. To remove inaccessible boot device after bios update, you can just simply restart your computer. Click on Windows icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, and select Power option. Then click on “Restart” option, your PC will restart in a few minutes. 3. May 12,  · Windows 10 is a more stable and efficient version of the Windows operating system, but it does not mean that the version is error-free. Just when you least expect it (or when you are in a hurry), errors like the Windows 10 inaccessible boot device can happen. What Is the Inaccessible Boot Device .