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    • Production year: 2019
    • Bosch PowerPack 500
    • Race (300Watt)
    • Price list :
    • Daily rental 50 Eur
    • 3 days 130 Eur
    • 7 days 280 Eur


    Hybrid Sport Bike


    Are you looking for an affordable and easy way of enjoying the outdoors and to go green? Do you want to find the manageable and stress-free approach of getting your daily errads done? Do you want to have the best exercise, when visiting with your friends and family at the same time? All is yours, just by getting & riding the right Hybrid bicycle on Mljet island, and the article is dedicated to helping you out.

    Firstly, remember that there are a lot of categories of bikes and the crossover between many categories. Whereas Hybrid and Comfort bikes handle several kinds of cycling and provide many amazing features to satisfy everybody, there are Commuter, City, Town, and Cruiser bikes, which offer almost the same benefits and features. All of them probably is simple to ride and comfortable than compared to what you are used to, particularly if you are making with the older bike.

    Mountain bikes and blending road bikes will give the unique and capable fun rides; the hybrid sports bikes will take on this city street & canal paths with totally style and comfort with the help of Prozura Travel Agency. The sporty hybrids make an ideal commuter bike, and at a very good price range, it makes it perfect for the Cycle and Work schemes.

    The hybrid sports bike generally range from the road bikes with the super lightweight alloy and carbon frames or road gearing like Specialized Sirrus, and wide-tired or robust, the mountain bike like Giant tough road. The hybrid sports bike will make that middle ground of the bikes, which are good to ride, and ride on the greatest range of surfaces. There is a bike rental available for every budget.

    Touring Bikes in Mljet Islands

    The touring bikes are a special kind of road bike. They’re made to be ridden at the pavement. However, they are quite durable for the use on the self-supported and long distance riding. They have the essential mounting bolts for the cargo racks & fenders, though they have the drop handlebar, they generally have the relaxed frame design and rider is upright, for complete comfort while riding the long distances for the multiple days at a time. They have the lower gear range when compared to the regular road bikes that will allow carrying the heavy loads up the steep hills. They make very good commuter bicycles, due to the durability & ability to carry high loads.

    The Hybrid Bikes from Prozura Travel Agency were conceived to offer the benefits of both the road bikes and the mountain bikes. The big padded seats, as well as upright handlebars, give the comfortable riding position; these are good for casual riding over the neighborhood and bike paths, the short-distance commuting or errands over town. They are ridden on the paved roads. However, they aren’t very lightweight and efficient as road bikes. They’re perfect for the paved and unpaved bike trails. However, they aren’t appropriate for the rough off-road bike trails.s